The Mercille Group is a direct result of Gilles Mercille’s passion for his beloved city, Longueuil. As a young graduate of the Polytechnique, he worked as an engineering consultant for several years before launching himself and his first partners into the residential construction business. In 1977 he decided to focus his energies fully on real estate development and founded the Mercille Group. In the 80s, the Mercille Group created Le Complexe St-Charles featuring prestigious office spaces that went on to win several industry awards.

Forty years, and more than 2.4 million square feet later, the group is now chaired by Hélène Mercille, daughter of the founder, and continues to ensure the wellbeing of its residents. Always present on the site, the team constantly strives to serve its tenants with the same dedication of a fresh-faced Longueuillois graduate from the Polytechnique…

Our buildings

Complexe St-Charles
Le D'Assigny
Le Neuville Nord
Le Neuville Sud
Le Sérigny
Le Roussillon
Le D'Auvergne



Best condominium project in the Montreal region


Award-- Home building, multiple dwelling


Environmental Certification – Silver

Leed E.B.

Certification in process